SPAZIO PIÙ mobile cabinet

Offices get bigger
Mobile filing cabinet “Spazio Più” is a new system of running shelves, specially studied for modern offices and archive that need, without having, big spaces to store documents.
With a simple push you can easily enter the corridor: in comparison with fixed cabinets and shelves, its single aisle permits high reduction of spaces, and possibility to have a more organized archive.
“SPAZIO PIÙ” is a winner for:
  1. dimensions: smallest version is only 2,5 sq.m!! You can easily place it in every room
  2. low costs: if you save space you also save money!!
  3. design: possibility to choose different colours and finishes, to fit for every situation
  4. safety: rear closing doors and centralized lock avoid possibility of theft
  5. modularity: you can buy adjunctive elements to increase possibility of storage.

“SPAZIO PIÙ” is personalizable!!!

  1. nine system lengths: from two mobile bays to a maximum of ten, plus the fixed one
  2. three shelf lengths: 800, 1050 e 1290 mm, according to room dimensions
  3. two shelf depths: 300mm. for books and folders, 360 mm. for suspended filing.