BI-FILE mobile shelvings
Lateral slide shelf
Bi-File” is one of many smart solutions that Technarredi has developed to save space and give at same time high storage capacity to the customer.
With its front elements that are running on wheels, in the same surface you can nearly double the availability of space in comparison with simple fixed shelf.

There is no difficult of movement and with a simple push you can easily open the aisle and get to rear shelves.
Bi-file” has a very simple and economic structure that means it is very cheap and doesn’t present any problem of installation.

“BI-FILE” aces

  1. solidity: body in solid steel sheet, 10/10 thickness for high loads
  2. dimensions: “Bi-File” is completely custom made and easily fitting for every situation.
    Even the colours can be chosen by the customer
  3. accessories: possibility of wide choice of back panels, rear and lateral dividers, pull out shelves and racks.