LIVING SPACE mobile shelvings
Mobile shelving systems
For a rational storage of books, papers, files and documents, Technarredi has studied “LIVING SPACE”, a modern system of mobile shelving running on rails that permits a large gain of space in comparison with traditional fixed shelves. Thanks to its mobile bays, opening one single aisle, all the space inside the room is fully used.
With “living space” you can save both space and costs!!

Our mobile system permits to solve important logistic needs.

  1. maximum capacity: compared with fixed shelves you can double the available space;
  2. low costs: if you save space you save money!
  3. safety: the whole system is protected by doors and a centralized lock;
  4. fast consultation: with a simple movement of the handle you can enter the corridor.

“Living space” is made to the measure!!

Each system is realized by our Technical Department according to customer needs.
There is also the possibility to choose lots of accessories: end closing doors, antidust rubber profiles, safety bars, antifire platform, lateral dividers, back panels, pull out shelves.
That means you can choose “Living Space” not only to store documents and books!!

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LIVING SPACE mobile shelvings
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